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Laminated Oak Flooring In A Dry Van

Dry Vans
Rockland is a leading producer of both laminated Oak and Maple flooring for Dry Freight vans. Our expertise is unmatched in our industry.

Low Boy Trailer With Rough Sawn Decking

Flat Beds
Apitong decking is another specialty product at Rockland.  We stock the most common sizes and if we don't have it we can usually make it.

Laminated Flooring And Tie Slats In Truck Body

Bodies & Reefers
From laminated flooring to tie slats in truck bodies to fillers and spacers for reefers, we have it all.  All you need is one Rockland.

Laminated Oak Flooring In A Container

Whether for domestic use or for export, Rockland container floors are engineered to perform and built to last.

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We are pleased to announce we've expanded our Specialty Products Division to Rockland, Wisconsin.  This move will give our customers greater flexibility and lower freight costs to many …
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Simply put, it's a matter of preference. Oak has a much longer track record but Maple also performs well. Both weigh about the same and their performance is comparable. The key is finding the …
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