Minimize repairs and reduce maintenance costs by protecting the underside of your flooring.

Providing twice the water protection of standard undercoat. Floor Saver™ undercoat is engineered to outperform traditional latex undercoating in every category and guards against decay thanks to our unique anti-fungal agent.


Protection and Safety: Two important features rolled into one product.

Grip Guard™ protects the surface of your trailer floor leading to longer service life.  Grip Guard™ makes the cargo area a cleaner and safer place to work.


Wax Guard™ is an economical solution for protecting the surface area of your trailer floor.

Wax Guard™ reduces water absorption and is not slippery when wet. Our wax-based formula permeates the wood fibers creating a water-repelling barrier of protection.


More freight and less weight. You really can have it all.

Defender MAX™ floors are engineered to haul more, weigh less and last longer thanks to our patented design. Let Defender MAX™  reduce floor maintenance, increase fuel economy and ultimately transform your bottom line.


Defender 24™ combines composite strength with superior protection at a price within reach.

Defender 24™ is a patented composite floor featuring all of the protective and performance benefits of composite flooring for a fraction of the price.  Discover the ultimate value proposition.