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Unmatched Protection  — Defender 24™ protects from water, chemicals and other road debris that can damage the wood and glue line of a laminated floor.

Stronger & Stiffer  — The 1-3/8″ Defender 24™ is 44% stronger than a regular oak floor in the same thickness.  Extensive testing using ASTM gravelometer standards confirms Defender 24 will protect and resist abrasion across a wide range of conditions.

Higher Load Rating  — A 1-3/8″ Defender 24™ Floor can be configured to achieve a 24,000 lb load rating at roughly half the upcharge of other composite floors.

Lower Maintenance Costs  — By sealing off the glue line and wood from the elements, routine maintenance on the underside of the floor is eliminated.

Longer Working Life  — Floors equipped with Defender 24™ are both protected and reinforced resulting in longer working life.

We Guarantee It!  — Every Defender 24 floor comes with a 10-year warranty.

Defend Your Bottom Line

Our latest development is Defender 24™ – a new composite floor designed to deliver composite performance and benefits at about half the upcharge of other composite floors.

Defender 24™ is stronger and stiffer than traditional oak flooring so it can carry more load without increasing the thickness or weight of the floor. Distributing weight more evenly across the floor system not only improves performance but also reduces stress on the wood that can lead to floor failure. Defender 24™ can achieve a 24,000 pound load rating on standard 12” crossmember spacing.

Defender 24™ also delivers the protective benefits you expect from a composite floor. The Defender underlay is impermeable to water, chemicals and other road debris that can damage lead to costly repairs and even floor failures. Defender 24™ reduces maintenance costs while increasing the lifecycle of the floor.

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How Does Defender 24 Stack Up To Standard Oak Flooring?

Load rating for 1-3/8" Laminated Oak

Load ratings are based on internal and external testing.