Defender Max™ Benefits


Stronger — Defender MAX™ is stronger than standard oak flooring thanks to reinforcing fibers that are incorporated into the floor design.

More Durable — Defender MAX™ floors increase working life by reducing floor fatigue that can occur after years of service.

Maintenance Friendly — Defender MAX’s™ proprietary membrane shields the underside of the floor from water, salt and gravel that can lead to costly floor repairs. 

Lighter than Standard Oak — Defender MAX™ floors can save up to 317 lbs over standard oak flooring based on the configuration.

Built For Your Bottom Line — Defender MAX™ will increase fuel economy and payload while reducing floor maintenance.

More Freight.

Defender MAX™ consists of an FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) layer bonded to the bottom of a Rockland laminated oak floor. Defender MAX™ patented floors are designed to haul more, weigh less, and last longer than traditional oak floors. Our patented hybrid floor combines the benefits of laminated oak with the strength and durability of today’s advanced composite materials.

Defender MAX™ can be configured to handle today’s most demanding loads, such as paper or bottled drinks. In fact, Defender MAX™ floors are commonly configured to handle loads over 24,000 pounds. Our proprietary membrane not only is impermeable to water, but also shields the floor from road chemicals, rocks and other debris that can damage the floor leading to costly repair.

Less Weight.

Defender MAX™ floors are up to 317 lbs lighter than traditional oak flooring which leads to more freight and better fuel economy. If you’re looking for higher payload, superior bottom protection and weight savings turn to Defender MAX.™


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rockland flooring about us