Rockland GRIP GUARD™


Weather Resistant — Weather is an enemy of laminated hardwood floors. Extended sun and water exposure can damage the glue line and lead to deterioration of the wood. Grip Guard™ offers the industry’s first UV protective top coat and absorbs 55% less water than the leading competitive wax-based hardwood floor treatment.

Wear Resistant — Specifying Grip Guard™ will increase the life of your floor. Our innovative two coat epoxy/urethane formulation forms a 4 mil protective coating which far exceeds the leading wax-based top coat.

Slip Resistant — Many top coats become slippery when exposed to water. Grip Guard™ will enhance the trailer floor’s traction for wet and dry conditions. Grip Guard™ surpasses the OSHA slip resistance factor by 20% while the competition falls short of the mark set by the government agency.

Cost of Ownership — Floors get damaged during the course of everyday use. Specify Grip Guard™ to preserve the top of the floor, saving you time and money.

Delivering Lasting Protection Three Ways

Grip Guard™ is designed to improve safety, reduce the effects of moisture, and ultimately increase floor life.  Grip Guard™ is two coat epoxy/urethane coating, which is factory installed as an option to your Rockland Floor.

Grip Guard™ top coat delivers lasting protection by using a two coat process that reduces the effects of abrasion, while providing weather resistance, and enhanced traction.


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Tough Wear Resistant Surface

Grip Guard™ protects the wood from moisture and chemicals that can alter a floors integrity. Grip Guard™ holds up to abrasion better than competitive products and absorbs 55% less water than competitive wax-based floor topcoats.

Grip Guard’s™ moisture barrier offers 5x the protection of standard oak and outperforms oak 2 to 1 in abrasion testing.  Grip Guard™ exceeds OSHA’s slip resistance standards by 20%.

Every Grip Guard™ floor also has a traction component built right into it, designed to create a safer work environment inside the trailer.  Longer floor life, reduced maintenance, and enhanced safety – you really can have it all.


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